Blind Faith Blinds Entirely


I like to see good in people (because I don’t know they’re life)

But I know that people tend to be horrible

I like to smile (‘cause everyone’s prettier when they do)

But I know that people can take it the wrong way

I like to meet (most) new people

But I know that people can hurt you

I like to try new things (can’t like/dislike it until you do)

But I know that people judge newbies harshly

I hate how people act (most of the time)

But I know that people can be better

An Untitled Poem

I don’t like starting conversations

I feel like I’m going to say something dumb

I can hear my heart in my throat when I talk to strangers

I have opinions that I do not voice or rather cannot

I am introverted, quite, shy, and insecure about myself

I would rather chose to stay home then to go out

I try to break out, but nothing ever lasts a day over…

Killing Liam Neeson

I sit on my perch watching the world below

I see you come out carrying part of a face

I can see his huge bright blue eyes

You’ve killed him

You’ve cut his eyes off

You’re throwing them into that thing that smashes the trash

I watch you rip them up and throw them in

I see you go back inside and come back out with his nose

I don’t understand why you’ve killed this man

You go back inside and bring out the rest of his face

You keep ripping and tearing him apart

You go in and come back out with his eyes again

I guess he had a twin

I guess you’ve killed him too

I don’t understand the barbaric ways of humans

You destroy him just like you did his brother

You close the door on the trash thing and push a button

You grab a thing from your hip and speak to it

“I’m done with The Grey standee!

You want me to clean the soda box room next?”

Poetry Prompt: Standing in one place, observing what goes on around you

You guys remember that short story I posted the beginning of that was based off the Hunger Games?

Well I finished it. If I remember correctly you guys did enjoy reading it so I’ve posted it in full.


Let me know what you guys think! My ask is always open and I love talking with you guys!

Oh look I wrote another poem and turned it into a gif… I have problems

Some orginal writing called The Asylum

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What You And I Say

You say I’m ugly

I say beauty is in the eye of the beholder

You say I’m dumb

I say that it’s idiotic to think I know everything

You say I’m rude

I say that I’m in a bad mood thanks to the person in front of you

You say I’m unfunny

I say you just don’t get me

You say I’m flawed

I say I’m human

I have no clue where this came from, or why I keep writing poetry

A Figure In The Woods

He’s shadowy and tall

He comes out when you’re alone

He doesn’t mean you harm

Or does he

He might mean to help

But his methods are questionable

He follows behind

He almost guides with his steps

You hear branches break under his feet

You might look back at him

You might run away from him

Either way you’re doing what he wants

He’s just a figure of your imagination

He’s all lights and shadows, you think

But he isn’t lights and shadows

He’s real and he’s out there

He’s a figure out in the woods

And he’ll be following you

Bob Saves the World… Accidently On Purpose

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I feel like posting more from that short story I posted like three paragraphs of before…


So here is a longer excerpt from it:

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Since Helene lost the link, and because it’s like my baby!

I feel like posting more from that short story I posted like three paragraphs of before…

So here is a longer excerpt from it:

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Anyone want to read an excerpt from an original short story inspired a bit by the Hunger Games?

I want to post some of it, but not if nobody would read it!